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Guaranty Cooperative Investment and Trust Society ltd is a registered cooperative society registered under the laws of cooperative societes in Nigeria. Guaranty Cooperative Investment and Trust Society Ltd is managed by Guaranty Capital Partners Ltd as a General Partner. Guaranty Capital Partners ltd is an investment advisory firm in the alternative assets space with 10 years management experience in manage firms and investments in Energy, Education and hospitality sectors of the economy .

Businesses currently owned and managed by GCP Ltd

1. Trailblazer Academy. Gwarinpa,Abuja. The school was acquired in 2007 and still running .
2. Rovic oil.and gas ltd . A oil marketing company was acquired in 2009 . The company sales volume is 120,000 liters on the average monthly .
3. Five hotels under leases in Kebbi and Nasarawa states respectively.


The problems we want to solve are:

1. The sales of fuel on a postpaid basis to fleet operators
2. To offer discounts on sales of fuel on prepaid plans.
3. To reduce the heavy dependence on cash as a means for settlement for fuel purchases and the associated challenges with cash transactions.
4. To help organizations reduce the administrative and paperwork work associated with cash transactions by fleet operators.
5. To give organizations greater control of fuel expenditure and budget monitoring.

Purpose of the funds:

To set up a credit card payment solution.
To acquire the necessary technology that will support the operations of a Fuel Card Company in Nigeria
Working Capital

Why Invest in this Project


50% of the SPV company to be created will be owned by these investors

Low Investment Entry

You can invest a minimum of N10,000.00

Exit Strategy

The proposed company will be listed on the stock exchange after operating for 10 years


Divestment after the second year is possible and at the valuation of our external auditors

Frequently Asked Questions

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In other to ensure the safety of investors funds, we have put in place the following three measures :
1. An SEC approved trusteeship service company will hold the title documents to all assets that are acquired for all investors. They will also ensure we comply with all the terms spelled out in the Limited Partnership Deed for the benefit all of investors.
2. A Fidelity guarantee cover will be provided by a consortium of insurance companies that will protect investors against fraud.
3. The assets that are acquired will serve as collateral against investors’ funds.

Guaranty Capital Partners Ltd is an energy investment management company with 15 years experience in the management of energy assets.

ROI is 15% per annum

The minimum look up period for investors on this investment will be for ONE (1) year period.

You can invest in this project by filling the expression of intent to invest form below

Further Enquiries on.participation can be directed to Mr. Rotimi Abraham on 07033319394 08055357592

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